Monday, 16 June 2014

A doctor

I'm a doctor..everyday i'm seeing patients as i always do. I meet them and will definitely ask 'how can i help u?' They will start to tell their problems and hoping + believing that i will solve their problem. I wish i can do miracles as every1 expect me to do.

But im just a human being. Im no1 without 'His' help. I will try my best to do everything that i could for these people. I want to do more than what I am doing for the past few years. I want to give more to people... Not only solutions but also consultations for their issues.

I hope Malaysian will treat doctors differently especially by respecting each individuals... Try to change our mentality. We are in developed country not underdeveloped ones. We should have a broad mind to accept advantages and disadvantagesof every single thing. We can't be ridiculously expecting everything in our dreams to come true, right? Same goes to being patients..

I luv being a doctor... I luv my job... I luv meeting new people every moments of my life. It's just fascinating when i meet a lot of characters and a lot of dreams.

 That's why i started this blog to write whatever i felt and also to share my experiences with other people out there...who knows it might help. Cause i really luv to help other individuals.

Dr Shahzlynn

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