Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Alhamdulillah, saya masih diberi kesempatan utk menghirup udara dan masih boleh bernafas dimuka bumi ini.. Jadi perjuangan saya masih panjang.

Arini saya nak guna English pulak la..

My journey just begun.. i need to deliver all the information to the whole wide world.. I wish every1 is healthy and there is no chronic diseases such as Diabetic, or Hypertension. These 2 diseases can cause a severe headache to all doctors in the world.

Y did i mentioned it that way? Let me explain.. Thousands of population in the world has this medical condition due to our own lifestyle. Y? Nowadays we had too much processed / fast foods ready at anytime anywhere for us. It's easy...yeah..it's convinient too...but it's not for our health. Same goes to our brain..it needs rest, it needs peace & it needs it's space for their function. So don't let yourself to be sleep-deprived.

Don't trap ourselves with these medical problems..it will cause haywire in our body. Diabetes & Hypertension can cause end organ damage.. "what does it mean?"

It means they caused reduced vision, can cause atherosclerosis or heart attack, also caused numbness / damaging the nerve cells, can damage the kidneys...and many more i can say.

So, please eat healthy, live healthy & stay healthy...Don't ruin your own body just for the sake of 'nice foods'.. u will regret one day if u ever caught in these medical illnesses.

Enjoy life in a healthy way. Please bear in mind..  'An apple a day will keep the doctor away'.

Have a nice day every1..

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