Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Low Glycaemic Index

Welcome again to my blog..
 Today i would like to share about good foods.. healthy foods.. beneficial foods.

Foods.. the less healthier it is, the better it tastes. Healthy foods @ Low Glycaemic Index (GI) foods can taste good just depends on how u want it to be..

Maybe you guys dont get it / dont really understand what Im babbling about. Let me try to explain it in short but simple ways for every1 to understand..

 Low GI foods has an effect on our body blood sugar / glucose level. The lower the GI, the slower increment of our glucose levels that contribute to Diabetes condition ("kencing manis").

As u can in see the graph above, these are some examples of what we consumed everyday. Therefore, in Diabetic patients, doctors recommend for low GI foods in order to lower the glucose levels in their body..besides the additional medications.

Simultaneously, for a 'normal' or non-diabetic keeps them healthy in a sense that low GI will keep a low glucose levels all the time. If it's low glucose, low supply of sugar... there's a lesser chance for diabetes to appear. Of course, if your parents, and siblings have it, then u probably have a genetic predisposition.. even then, if u r keep a low GI diet u would probably avoid or delay the onset of diabetes..

The following pictures are classifications of foods with the GI.

So, we need to target for Low GI foods and Medium / Intermediate GI as our daily habits. Please count our daily intake...
Be proud of your body...
Please set our minds to be healthy...

 In conclusions..
 "Preventive medicine is way much better than Curative medicine"..

 Trust me..
 I hope we can live in a better lifestyle, live healthy & have an inner beauty with superb internal health.

 Thank you for reading..

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